My Spiritual Beginnings With Paramahansa Yogananda

It began during an English class during my ninth grade. My English teacher whilst going through one of the lessons thought of teaching us some difficult words. She would regularly enrich our vocabularies by such doses but this was a special day. She gave us a small lecture on how developing a habit of reading regularly would help us build a good vocabulary. She happened to mention that we should definitely read Autobiography Of A Yogi. She added that we might not be spiritually inclined or might not believe in spirituality, still the book is a beautiful form of literature and that we must read it.

Not that I bought the book immediately but it stayed in my mind. You know just like sometimes somethings however trivial, just stay back with you.

My Spiritual Beginnings With Paramahansa Yogananda



Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda

I am like many of you, who have at different points of life offered devotion to different deities asking for different gifts. Well, the fact is that most certainly god has never left any of my prayers unanswered. The ones that I thought went unanswered have been answered in much better ways, ways I could not have imagined myself. Coming to Autobiography Of A Yogi, I actually bought it later during my college years. I always wanted to purchase it but those were the days without Flipkarts or Amazons, hence I had to ask for money and go to a bookstore. Lazy as I was I kept on postponing it.

I read the book and was left mesmerised. The book is a beautiful rendering of a yogi’s life in the words of a yogi himself. It’s quite a read. Autobiography Of A Yogi, was the beginning of my spiritual journey, a journey that has really freed me in a lot of ways. I never thought I would ever share something as personal as my faith but today I just felt like. I wouldn’t get into a lot of details or suggest from my end my personal take on it. I would leave it to you guys to form your interpretations and possibly begin your journeys 🙂

I am not giving a moral or a spiritual lecture but I would humbly request all my dear friends and family to read this book. If not for spiritual reasons then for just increasing your vocabulary, just as my dear teacher taught. It could change the way you perceive life.


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