A Time-Travel For Your Home, Deccan Herald, Homes&Interiors – 29th May 2014

Go Vintage

Home decor has witnessed a plethora of styles, that have come, gone and even revisited time and again. Some however, have cast an impression so deep, that the essence never faded with new trends ever joining the steadily flowing stream. ‘Vintage’ is one such style the has remained evergreen, perpetually evolving yet maintaining its antediluvian charm. Vintage essentially involves reusing the ‘old’ or ‘antique’, with the decorating ideas focusing on reusing the existing items rather than investing in new ones. Let me bring to your attention a few DIY projects that can help you reuse your old stuff to lend a vintage feel to your home.Image

Pep Up The Living Spaces

Jute sacks were not just meant to carry grains to your house. Loosen up a bit, act bold and reuse these to make vintage cushion covers. Go a step ahead and stencil bold alphabets or even historical edifices on these and let the vintage magic take over. Those old bowls and enamelled casseroles that find no use in your kitchen can turn into priced flowers pots, sassily adorning your coffee table. Old pocket watches or mariners compasses purchased from the weekend flee market can become interesting coffee table accents too. Bottle these up in an old glass jar and multiply the charm. Old Glass Jars, by the way can be turned into gorgeous antique wine holders too. And just in case you happen to have one of those huge 1950s salon hair dryers that has gone bad, don’t despair! It can become the most talked of floor lamp of the town!

Mail Mania

Those old hand written letters and those travel postcards from your ancestral uncle’s trip abroad need not lie shy, trapped within the pages of your old diary. Take out these antique jewels and string them up with a jute thread to form a vintage vignette. And whilst we are talking of snail mail , an old salvaged porch rail can be crafted into an interesting letter stack that helps you sort your mail efficiently.

Paint it Red

Do you still own those grandma pots and pans! Its time to refurbish them. Pick up an enamel paint of your choice and paint these pots and pans in a singular bright colour. Adding some serving spoons, forks and knives into the potpourri would be a great idea. Once the paint has dried, display the assemblage on a blank wall and take credit for the splendid wall art!

Kitchen Splendour

The old battery racks found in supermarkets and likes can be turned into very vintage cup holders and towel racks and a metal caddy, bought from a nearby thrift store can cradle small steel jars that hold forks, spoons and knives for daily use. Outdated toolboxes can hold spice jars, if small in size whilst the bigger ones can help organise the desk clutter.

Moving to the Bedroom

Are you one the those fortunate few who have had the privilege of a wooden mantel piece in your home? And are you worried that the old thing is rotting away? If the answer to that is a yes then worry not. This gorgeous mantel piece can be turned into a stunning headboard with ample room to display your personal photographs on the top of it. An old salvaged door too, can form an interesting headboard for your bed. Recreate an unconventional bedside table by stacking vintage suitcases one on the top of another. An inexpensive stand can provide for extra height and you can enjoy the splendours of a gorgeous nightstand.

Why to leave the bathroom alone

Ever wondered what happened to those old soda pop coolers? If you are lucky enough to find one of these, then don’t miss the opportunity of carving out an antique looking sink out of it. Having an old cola logo on a weathered backdrop would add to the appeal.

Outdoor Decor

Salvaged iron articles like grills, grates, and photo frame just look perfect on weathered outdoor walls and form an interesting decor. Old salvaged doors can form a thought provoking swing base or even a stand alone sculptural item and a coat of paint can turn an old chair into a fascinating flower pot stand. You can even turn a stepladder into a garden highlight with a coat of bright paint, following it up by placing your favourite plants on its steps. Old wagons and wheel barrows can too form very interesting compositions in your garden decor.

Where to find it?

Thrift stores, junk shops and flea markets are the best places to visit, when looking for cheap stuff that you can turn into classy looking vintage items. In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised with the rich finds waiting for you at such small time, less frequently visited stores.

So lets go Vintage!


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