Walking The Tight Rope Of Decor, Deccan Herald, Homes & Interiors, 4th April 2014

Have you ever come across some stunning interiors while flipping through a magazine and wished your house looked akin to that? And how many times have you left it there, cerebrating it to be an expensive, infeasible deal? Fret not because there are some great home embellishment tips that work on a very lean budget. Here goes the list.

Pocket friendly wall art

Wall art can be the most budget cordial accessory that homeowners can integrate into their decor. Magazines and newspapers come loaded with images that can double up as wall art. All you need to do is, pick up the pictures you like, cut them out orderly from the magazine / newspaper and get them framed in nice chic frames. Vintage art and photography magazines can provide good inspirations for such wall decor. Travel postcards, old cards and letters when framed can turn into beautiful vintage artwork and the pages from your child’s last year art book can suffice as the most modern artwork in town. Not to forget the old crockery that you plan to do away with. Arrange plates of different sizes on a wall and come up with a fresh wall decor.

Repurposed items as a piece of decor

There are so many items in our house that we brand as ‘rubbish’ and plan to dispose them off with the junk dealer. Look again with an ingenious eye, as most of the items, if treated cleverly, can be repurposed and turned into completely different entities. Let me elaborate with a few examples.

Remember that old shaky chested drawer that you were about discard? Did it occur to you that it can prove to be an inordinately fascinating plant holder. Open out the drawers to different degrees and seed your favourite plants or even a mini kitchen garden in the chester. And what about that drum set, that your children implored you to buy but is now lying redundant in your store room accumulating dust. Why not get a circular glass cut to size and put it atop the drums. This is how you can turn the useless drums into enviable side tables. Besides, what happened to those old boxes of Pringles or Nachos, that you purchased on the flight back home. Don’t discard them as yet because they can be repurposed as cutlery or pen holders. With a little more ingenuity you can even turn them into a low wattage lamps. And do you remember those huge steel drums used in the olden days as buckets? These steel drums and barrels can be turned into very smart planter boxes and bring an industrial flavour to your decor.

Craft projects to create your own DIY decor

At home ‘Do It Yourself Projects’ or DIY projects need not be cumbersome and complicated. You can easily make beautiful candles, hand paint bathroom linen and even make your own clay pots at home with ease. Creating a leaning display unit out of an old ladder can be a fun DIY project and so can creating your own stylish stencilled pillow cases.

Have you heard of Washi tapes? You can turn your bland pottery into designer pieces and your dull lampshades into vibrant ones. Talking of colour, its very easy to add a dash of colour by creating colourful crepe paper flowers that look so gorgeous.

Another innovative home project can be creating your own gorgeous light fixtures. What you need are some ornate laces or ropes and a few glass jars. Wrap the lace/ropes around the glass jars and add LED’s or even regular bulbs inside the jars and be ready for a glamorous exhibit of lighting.

Use paint ingeniously


Gone are the days when you had to depend on an expert who charged a bomb to paint your house, let alone if you wanted it to be done differently. Let me walk you through a few ways to use paint smartly in your house. Is there a wall paper you loved but are reluctant to go for it? You will need a piece of cardboard, pencil, scissors, paint and small brushes. Trace the pattern on cardboard and cut out a basic stencil. Start from one corner of the wall (choose a small area for your first project) and trace out the pattern using a soft charcoal pencil. Do not trace too dark. All you need to do now is paint the pencil outline in your favourite paint colour. Use paint brushes with short bristles as it will help you achieve neater outlines.

Creating textures on a wall isn’t a very difficult task either. You can buy textured paint, which is available in different consistencies and use tools like a comb, sponge, trowel or even an old rag to create patterns whilst its still wet. Venetian plaster is another material that can be used with ease to create textures and add depth to the decor.

Fun fabrics

Fabrics can be used in so many interesting ways to make your home look gorgeous. A beautiful maharashtrian navari sari ( you don’t have to buy expensive fabric) that you can buy for about four  hundred bucks can be turned into five gorgeous see through curtains. If you can hem the edges at home then these beautiful transparent curtains will come to less than a hundred each. Not to forget the gorgeous colour options available in these saris.

The scrap cloth or remnants of beautiful laces can be framed to form beautiful wall art too. A beautiful phulkari dupatta, that is probably torn at an end can too be trimmed and used as wall art or even a table cover.

A simple long piece of fabric can be secured at the edges and hung over a blank tall wall and create a good impact and so can a humble quilt displayed elegantly on a wall.

Entrust your furniture with twofold appointments

One can save a lot of money and efficiently utilise a smaller space by having the furniture ensembles serve a dual purpose.  An Ottoman, for example can accommodate as a small coffee table, a seating and a built in storage space, all in one. And being handsome as they are they can only enhance the look of your living area. Wall mounted shelves can lodge in drawers, benches can take in storage and chairs can open up into steps.

The idea is to let your creative juices flow and not for a moment be inhibited by the fact that you need to spend in order to make your home look gorgeous.



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