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A few essential modifications, before you sell that house of yours

Well, you might eagerly waiting to move into your new house but selling your old one can be a very challenging task. It may involve a lot of industrious effort on your part to find a suitable buyer and a lot of time and energy could be frittered away, in putting forth persuading arguments to prospective buyers. My point here is, that a lot of exasperation can be avoided, if the homeowners acknowledge a couple of facts. First, that not a lot of people will be interested in buying something that is in a dilapidated state. Hence, it would be worthwhile to invest in some necessary repair work. People looking for new property will at the least expect the basic stuff to work well, that being so, we need to fight the mentality of just washing our hands of old things in whatever downtrodden state they are. Secondly, of course it’s your home and you love it but have a look at your house with the eyes of the buyer. It will keep your expectations real and help you fine tune your house for the prospective buyers.

Now a lot of homeowners might not want to go in for renovation, thinking that it might be an expensive affair but be rest assured that you can achieve great results in an affordable budget. Here are a few low cost alterations that will result, in you getting a better deal for your house.

Looks do matter

If your house looks good and creates a fantastic first impression then it will interest the buyers right from the word go and you would have won half the battle there and then. For instance, if you have a front lawn, ensure that the grass is trimmed and bushes are chopped neatly. Clean the lawn of dried, wilted blooms and leaves and ensure that the lawn is not flooded with water. This being said, it would be worth the effort to check for blocked drains and leaking pipes. Oil your garage shutters and make sure of their smooth operation. If you own some lawn furniture make sure it’s not broken or shabby and if so, then just remove it. Fix any shaky, unstable steps at the entryway and add some bright potted plants near your doorway.

If your house happens to be on one of the upper floors, your entrance door is going to create the first impression. It would be nice to oil the hinges, repair loose hardware and get rid of peeling paint. A fresh coat of paint would be great. A functioning doorbell is of utmost importance and so is the smile when you greet the potential buyers for the first time.

Ensure that the mats that adorn your entrance are not torn and are devoid of any stains. It would be nice to invest in a neat doormat if your existing one is not in a good shape. Also dry clean any carpets that embellish your entryway. I say this because these things are easily noticed while wiping your feet clean at the entrance.

PImagePaint essentials

We all love colours and have a fetish for some shade or the other. It is the jarring, flashing colours that could spoil the deal. That vine coloured wall may have been your favourite or that ochre coloured accent wall in the living room might have enjoyed many applauses but It would be a nice idea to repaint or whitewash your house in a neutral shade. Neutrals add to the airiness of your house, making it look more spacious. Neutrals also complement natural light very well. The argument here maybe that the new owners will anyway get the paint redone but some times small little things make the deal go wrong. Hence, it would be wise to go with the neutrals which is a largely agreeable colour palette.

Repainting will also give a neat, crisp look to your home and help you get rid of any dirt marks, stains or even nail holes and paint cracks. What the new owners will appreciate is you providing them with a fresh canvas in the form of clean and crisp walls.

The light impact

Nobody wants to buy a house that is dingy and dark. Open up your drapes, clean window cills and glass panes and allow maximum light to sieve in to your home. It would be nice to artificially light up rooms that are otherwise dark. Accent lamps, fixtures with higher wattage and trimming the overgrown bushes by your window cill should work. You must try and do your best to make your home appear well lit and sunny to the potential buyers.

Kitchens and bathrooms could be the deal breakers

These are the two most essential areas of the house that the women are likely to notice. Whilst your distorted and out of the line, utensil cabinet, might not seem odd to you, but to the potential buyers it sure will. Replacing the old cabinetry for a brand new one may be out of the question, but it would be beneficial to fix warped and out of shape drawer tracks, replace suspended and dangling hardware and fasten loose screws and knobs.

If you plan to sell your kitchen appliances along with your house then make sure that these appliances sparkle when the probable buyers come to visit your house. Clean your refrigerator of any smelly leftovers and the same goes for microwaves and ovens.

As for the bathrooms, you need to clean your fixtures really well. Stained commodes and basins are a big turnoff and so are stained tiles. It would be nice to fix taps and faucets that are stuck or which leak. Replacing these should not be an expensive affair either. Accessorising your bathroom with shower curtains, new mats, toilet paper and fresh towels could greatly enhance the appeal.

To sum it up in a sentence, I would say that have the critical eyes of a buyer and step into his shoes. Think like him and you will surely take care of the essentials and find a good deal for your house.


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