“The fruit on those trees is ripe and juicy”, said Balaram, pointing towards the ripe plums in the orchard adjacent to their house.
“Lets pluck them and relish their delightful taste!”, he said enthusiastically to his playmates.

Everyone was excited at the prospect of having ripe plums and followed Balaram to the garden where the divine fruit grew.Krishna followed them too.  

“Why are you following us? You are too small to climb trees Krishna”,said Balaram.  

“Yes, you are very small Kanha”, said another boy ,suspecting Krishna would alone eat all of the fruit.  

“I want to come along Balaram!”, pleaded Krishna.  

“Well only one condition! “,said Balaram, “Kanha, you will only collect the fruit we pluck from the trees.”
“You will not climb the trees nor will you eat any fruit alone. We will distribute the fruit equally and eat it later”, summoned Balaram.  

“Ok, I will do that! “, said Krishna smiling mischievously.  

“Come along then”,said Balaram.   The boys reached the neighbouring orchard and climbed the plum trees while Krishna waited below. They started plucking the savory fruit that bedecked the branches and started throwing the fruit down,  onto the muddy ground.  

Krishna picked up the mud laced fruit and instead of collecting it started gobling it. His speed was great because he gulped it down as soon as the fruit fell from the tree.  

One of the boys looked down and saw what Krishna was upto. “He is eating all the fruit by himself! “,he shouted pointing towards Krishna.  

Balaram and all the boys got down and encircled Krishna. “Wait I ‘ll take you to mother and tell her you have been eating mud!”,threatened Balaram.  

The boys then took Krishna to Yashodha and narrated Krishna’s mischief to her. She looked at Krishna aghast. His face was mud laced with one streak of mud running crisply from below his left jaw, crossing the nose and culminating just below his right ear. Fruit pulp drooped from the sides of his mouth and added colour to his face ,painted brown in mud.  

“You mischievous little boy! You have eaten mud again. Open your mouth!”,she told Krishna, angry at his doing.  

Krishna smiled at Yashoda, gesturing her whether she really wanted to see what was in his mouth.  

“Open your mouth! You naughty little boy!”, she told Krishna.  

Krishna opened his mouth and Yashoda was surprised to see what lay inside. She saw the entire universe, the sun ,the stars, moon, planets, the earth with its mountains, oceans, land, rivers and the entire creation. She even saw herself standing looking into Krishna’s mouth.  

Her head whirled and she felt dizzy. She shut Kanha’s mouth and looked at him wondering about his divinity. She had been worried about a little mud when the boy had inside him the entire universe.  

“Who are you? Who are you?”, she asked Kanha, as she carried him inside kissing his forehead.


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