Sara had just fought with Sammy. He had pulled her hair and she had pushed him in return. Angry and  fuming she came out and  sat aloof in the daycare backyard, sulking,  on the merry-go-round.

Mrs. Lucy, the daycare in charge searched for Sara everywhere and  came out looking for her.

“I have been searching for you everywhere Sara, its nap time!, You should be in your bed. What are you doing here?”, said Mrs. Lucy, finally having found Sara.

“Sammy fought with me again Mrs. Lucy! He pulled my hair yet again! I don’t want to go inside. I will wait here till mommy comes to pick me up”, replied Sara, frowning,” and I am going to tell my mommy what Sammy did because he does it every day!”

“Sara, it’s going to be awhile before mommy comes. She is at work now and won’t be here till six in the evening. Come inside, it’s so hot out here”, persuaded Mrs. Lucy.

“No!”, said Sara, folding her arms and frowning even more. She had decided she would sit here till her mother came.

“Well, it’s up to you then darling. Just to let you know that there will be chocolate macaroons served  with milk ,for the  evening snacks and only for those who take their afternoon nap will get to eat them!”,said Mrs. Lucy, leaving Sara on the merry-go-round, watching her through the corner of her eye.

‘Chocolate macaroons!’, thought Sara. She loved them. For a moment she thought of going inside so that she could have them later during the afternoon,  but then decided against it.

She remembered the first time she had macaroons.  Aunt Kelly was visiting them then with cousins Ryan and Ben. Aunt Kelly’s husband could not accompany them then,so Aunt Kelly had travelled alone with her boys.  It was especially for Sara’s birthday that they had all come and they had celebrated it in the countryside,  by the river.

The countryside was so beautiful and that small family picnic was perfect! She could still smell the grass by the riverside and feel its soft blades on her palm. She ran carelessly in the tall grass and it brushed softly against her cheeks. Ryan and Ben ran behind her trying to catch her. There had been so much laughter, it still rang fresh in her ears.

“We are coming Sara!”, she could still hear them say.

“Sara! Come here , we are waiting for you to cut the cake!”, mother had called from the clean patch, behind the tall grass. The blue river glistened in the beautiful afternoon and the sound of flowing water was the perfect music for the setting.

“Coming mother!”,she had shouted back from the grass, laughing loudly because she could see Ben right behind her.

“Caught you!”,shouted Ben, embracing her from behind. Ryan had come too and embraced her.

‘What fun it was!’, she thought.

She, Ben and Ryan ran to the clearing where mom dad waited with Aunt Kelly. The spread was perfect. A beautiful cake sat right in the center with small cupcakes on either side. Mom had fried a few chips,  prepared delicious sandwiches and brought cola along. Mom had  lit the birthday candles and handed her a beautiful knife to cut the cake.

Happy Birthday to you,

happy birthday dear Sara,

Happy Birthday to you!”, they sang together.

It was time for presents soon.  Aunt Kelly had gotten a beautiful doll house for her and Sara had loved it. Cousins Ryan and Ben had gotten a book of bedtime stories. Dad got a small bicycle. Sara had been so excited.

Just then mom pulled out a box from behind her. The box was packed beautifully and decorated with frills and ribbons. All yellow, just as Sara had liked.

“What is in it mommy?”,Sara had asked, excited.

“It’s a special something I baked for my princess!”, she had told Sara, handing her the box.

Sara had grabbed the box from her mother and opened it hastily. On opening it she had found something that resembled biscuits   laid in it, beautifully. She had picked up one of them and asked her mother, “You baked biscuits for me mommy?”

“No Sara, these are macaroons! , a nicer version of the regular biscuits that we eat”, her mother had told her, “taste it!”

She brought the macaroon close to her mouth and took a small tiny winy bite. She was delighted and gulped the remaining macaroon instantly .The macaroon had just melted in her mouth. The crisp crust held in it the mushiest chocolate filling she had ever tasted. Sara relished the macaroon with closed eyes, shaking head and her tongue licking her lips! The beautiful riverside backdrop was all forgotten,  all she remembered was the heavenly flavour of the chocolate macaroon.

“Sara!”, called her mother, shaking Sara out of her reverie.

Suddenly Sara realized that she was in daycare. The taste of chocolate macaroons was fresh in her mouth and she was now salivating.

“I am coming for the nap, Mrs. Lucy!”,shouted Sara as she left the merry-go-round and ran indoors for the afternoon nap.



  1. nice. i hope u are saving a copy of these blogs. one day who knows small book of simrans short stories could be published of may be “the best of simrans blogs”. keep up the good wk looking forward for more


  2. Sim ur blog looks fantastic!! Lovely stories… they r simple n so interesting…You definitely have the flair for writing.. Keep Writing !!! 🙂


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